About Us


A Brief History.

Tesco Trade was focused on providing trust services to a relatively small coterie of institutional and significant private investors at the initial stage. Later we recognized the need to penetrate a broad market to meet the private investor audience, including successful asset management services. As a result, the company's development strategy has been modified.

We are now an all-round investment company offering profitable and stable trading solutions through our investment platform, which works for our members on an automatic basis. In other words, our members are only required to make a deposit and withdraw profits.

Our Everyday Dream

We offer an opportunity for those who are unfamiliar with trading to make good money by investing in a variety of investments across our platform, leveraging the endless opportunities in the fast-growing cryptocurrency industry.

We offer different investment plans for our users to choose from in a way that is perfectly tailored to them. Active members of Tesco Trade can take advantage of our fast and easy-to-use investment platform that allows them to place, track, cancel and adjust investments with just one click.
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Executive Team

team 1

Vead West

Payment Manager
Handles all payout on different investment options for the company with many years of experience in the banking and finance sector.
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Aldrich Baldwin

Senior legal & compliance officer in banking/compliance consultant in the financial industry.
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Mr pee

Financial Advisor
Licensed as a Certified Wealth Management Advisor.